2017 New at Many Point and Tomahawk

It's All Good

These new programs are coming to your favorite summer camp locations,

Many Point

  1. Amazing Pace Day Program
  2. Sports featuring Bubbleball Soccer and Climbing Outpost
  3. Sportsman's Outpost
  4. Real life Battleship's and three more Aqua-Trampolines at our beaches
  5. Outdoorskills revamp
  6. Drones added to Moviemaking


  1. Expansion of Explore Program
  2. Sporting Arrows
  3. Pump Track Expansion
  4. Apostle Island Sea-Kayaking
  5. More Scout transportation

How do I learn more?

Check our camp websites, social media, or our slideshow!

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2017 New at Many Point and Tomahawk

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