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Cub Scouting

Cub Scouts go places and do things. Hands-on experiences through a wide range of fun social activities build confidence, personal achievement, and respect for self and others.

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Cub Scouting Journey 2.0 Overview

Guidepost 1: Program Year Review and Reflection

Review and reflect, with your Unit Commissioner, on the results your Pack obtained the previous program year by April 30.

Pack Review and Reflection Planning

Guidepost 2: Plan and Fund Your Program

Develop a program and funding for your unit with your Unit Commissioner by Aug 31.

Pack Program Planning

Pack Budget Planning

Guidepost 3: Communicate Your Program

Develop a plan to communicate your program to families throughout the program year. Present to your Unit Commissioner by Aug 31.

Pack Communication Planning

Guidepost 4: Basic Adult Leader Training

  • Fully Trained* Cubmaster and Committee Chair no later than October 31
  • One Den Leader, in each Den, 30-day trained** no later than October 31

*A fully trained adult leader must have position specific training AND youth protection training.
** A Den Leader must complete online training step 1 "Before the first meeting" and step 2 "First 30 days" PLUS Youth Protection Training by Oct 31. Step 3 "Position trained" must be completed by Dec 31. Alternatively, a Den Leader can satisfy this guidepost by participating in a live program before Oct 31. 

Pack Basic Leader Training

Guidepost 5: Advanced Adult Leader Training

Have at least one Wood Badge trained*** direct contact leader no later than October 31.

** “Wood Badge trained” qualifies once the adult leader completes the Wood Badge coursework and is working on, but may not have completed, the practical (Ticket) component.

Pack Advanced Leader Training