Be Visible in Your Community

Strengthen your unit and Scouting by showing what you do.

A few simple ways to help create a positive reputation

  • Participate in service projects, parades, festivals, and community events in uniform with Scouting banners/signage. You can make your own, or use a special parade banners from one of the Scout Service Centers. Call Customer Service at 763-231-7201 to reserve one. Giveaway items, such as rulers and bracelets, may also be available.
  • Attend school open houses with a display of some of your unit's highlights and volunteer for school carnivals or other events.
  • Take photos of your group in action and email the best one or two to your local newspaper with a caption. Most are always looking for good content. Keep the text simple, describing the activity and your group. Visit your community newspaper's website for their preferences and instructions.
  • Post photos and descriptions of Scouting fun on your unit's Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or other social media page, if you have one.

This will help reach out and welcome new members to your unit and reinforce Scouting's position as an active, positive force in our community.

Be visible by appearing in your community media

Some newsworthy ideas
  • Community service projects
  • Advancements/special achievements (awards ceremonies, Eagles and Eagle projects). 
  • Special events such as a high adventure trip, a pinewood derby, unique field trip or camp/activity.
  • Unit fundraising events such as a pancake breakfast or car wash.
General Tips
  • Keep it local – Community media is all about local people and events.
  • Read your local paper & website – See the type of stories covered and editors/reporters to contact.
  • Be a resource – Help provide expertise and access to real people/real stories to help reporters!
  • Use electronic format – Submit your stories and photos electronically. Include the text in the email and attach the photos as individual JPEG files or upload as requested on the media website.
  • Select the appropriate community media – Consider the media you read, listen to or watch in your community. Check out their website(s) for the most current contact information.
  • Determine if your story should appear before or after your event – Be of aware of the deadlines and submit content according
How to Submit a photo with a caption (generally post-event)
  1. Choose a good photo [see below].
  2. Write 1-3 sentences describing the activity. Be sure to include who, what, where, when, and why information. You may choose whether or not to identify the individuals by name (e.g., might simply say “Scouts from Troop 99 of Central Middle School loaded bags of food . . . “). If you use names, make sure they are spelled correctly. 
  3. Send your caption in an email with an attached digital photo (should be around 800K in size) in .jpg format. You can send a few photos (2-3) with captions to provide more choices or they may even use more than one.
        Submitting photos:
  • Choose photos that:
    • show action or display emotion
    • are tight (rule of thumb: no heads in a 4 x 6 photo should be smaller than a dime)
    • show no more than 3-4 people
    • have minimal background
  • If people in the photo are to be named, identify from left to right, row by row in your email.
  • Include name and daytime/cell phone numbers of unit contact person in the email
  • List the name of the photographer such as “photo by…”

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Be Visible in Your Community

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