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Wall Street Journal Article – BSA Finances

As has been widely reported, the National Council, BSA is considering options regarding financial reorganization if future circumstances should require it.

No such decisions have been made, and no actions have been taken. These considerations are merely due diligence and part of good governance.

The National Council, BSA is a separate and distinct corporation from any local BSA Council. Northern Star Scouting is incorporated in Minnesota and our assets are not affected should the National Council restructure and reorganize its own assets. Our funds and properties are under our board’s ownership and governance.

Children count on us for fun and adventure, for character-building life skills, for a safe haven, and for their preparation as our future community leaders. We’re keeping our focus on them. Northern Star Scouting is strong and vital, and we will find the services and resources we need, locally as well as in concert with other Scout Councils, to serve our families for decades to come.

Statement from Chief Scout Executive Mike Surbaugh

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