Cub Leader Superhero Meeting Activities

Make Your Meetings Super

Each of the sections below has an awesome superhero themed activity, perfect for a den or pack meeting. Start with the simple (like coloring sheets) and finish with a fully furnished superhero!

After completing all the activities, make sure to print the "Super Certificate" on the bottom of this page to make it official, it is signed by the Cub Scout leader.

What Does Your Hero Look Like?

Do you wear a cape? Or maybe a mask? We'll get you started

Hero Look

What Kind of Hero Are You?

Color in your superhero and make a plan of action before taking on the world

Hero Type

Test Your Action Powers

From web-slinging to shield throwing, we'll make your meetings a little more active

Action Powers

Test Your Concentration Powers

X-Ray vision is just the beginning, you'll need mind powers to pass joker's stone face challenge

Concentration Powers

Print Your Super Certificate

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Cub Leader Superhero Meeting Activities

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