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Venture Crew 820

Scouting gives youth a way to explore things they otherwise wouldn’t have done and it gives them the opportunity to partake in adventurous activities, like SCUBA diving.

The Boy Scouts of America Venture Crew 820 was founded 18 years ago by eight Eagle Scouts that were all Advanced Open Water Divers. They had little equipment, but a large passion for diving. Since then, Venture Crew 820 has grown in both popularity and reputation. Venture Crew 820 now has state of the art computer diving equipment for 18 divers.

Real Adventures

The Crew dives shipwrecks in Lake Superior, area lakes and quarries, the Florida Keys and the Bahamas. Venture Crew 820 joined the Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society (GLSPS) a few years ago has partnered on diving the Samuel P. Ely shipwreck the past two years. The crew has also done dives at other shore accessible shipwrecks along the North Shore.

Boy Scouts of America’s Venturing is a program for young men and women ages 13-21. Venture Crew 820 is always recruiting new divers around the area through Scouting and diving shows. Since they own their equipment the outing fees are affordable for all Scouts, And Venture Crew 820 goes on dives each month. In the winter months, they often host Discover Scuba events to Boy and Girl Scouts and from May to October they‘re in the area lakes or the ocean. Just recently in May they did their annual Phalen Beach clean-up day where they dive and clean up trash to make the lake a nicer place for everyone to enjoy.

Find More About The Crew

Venture Crew 820 has an audience of over 20,000 adult volunteers and more than 70,000 young people are served in 25 counties by Northern Star Council.

If you’re interested in Venture Crew 820 and want to learn more you may contact Dean Soderbeck, BSA Crew Advisor, at

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