Join us for the Vigil Reunion and Conclave

Two Events in August

The 2016 First Annual Vigil Re-Union was a great event at Camp Phillippo and we celebrated it with our Annual Vigil Conclave. Over 100 hours of Service to the camp were performed, interaction with the new class of Vigils and a Hootenanny put on by Bruce Haverly and Company. Those that were not up to camping stayed in the air conditioned Camper Cabin.

We had over 150 in camp and are looking forward to an even larger turn out on August 26/27 at Stearns Boy Scout Camp. Don't miss the fun of seeing fellow Vigils and helping out on service to the camp. So reserve the date for the Second Annual Vigil Re-Union, see our newest building, Tonkawa Lodge, and join in on what should be a fantastic time with the Order of the Arrow Vigil gathering. Remember, you can tent camp or stretch out in one of our air conditioned buildings. Registration will be opening soon so you can sign up for the "Service To Camp" project early. Did I mention the food? The chefs from Paul E. Wethern Chapter are anxious to serve you. Some Chapters are already requesting space to kick off the weekend with their own Vigil Re-Union and get us started. Reach out to Dave Murphy if that interests you. You can reach Dave at


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Join us for the Vigil Reunion and Conclave

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