Donations to Scouting

Financial, Material, and In-Kind Donations Help Support Scouting

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It feels good to know you make a measurable difference in the lives of young people in our community, your neighborhood, and your family. Your support is always important.

Why give?

  • Provide local program support
  • Honor a Scout's achievements
  • Honor a birthday or anniversary
  • Honor your Scouting memories
  • Provide a scholarship to camp
  • Leave a legacy

Ways to give

  • Annual giving campaign (called "Friends of Scouting")
  • Special Scouting events
  • Workplace Giving
  • Endowments
  • Tributes and Memorials
  • Products, "in-kind" or tangible personal property
  • Securities, transfers, and stock
  • Buy Scout Popcorn

Scouting Item Donation

We happily accept many historical, new, or gently used items to benefit Scouting.;

  • Scouting Uniforms
  • Scouting Memorabilia
  • Historical Items
  • Products or "in-kind" gifts
  • Tangible personal property (e.g., camp supplies, program supplies, boats, cars, trucks, etc.)

It's hard to say "No thank you" to a donation. However, we do need to refuse some items that may have significant personal value to you but we may not be able to be put to good use. In that case, please contact the North Star Museum of Boy Scouting and Girl Scouting.

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Donations to Scouting

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