Highfive Video Conferencing

Getting Started with Highfive

Highfive is a subscription video conferencing service used by Northern Star Council. It requires no user accounts- just a simple app on PC or Smartphone. It allows us as many simultaneous conferences as we need. Each conference can connect up to 8 locations and allows screen sharing so all users can see live meeting content.

Complete instructions are below, or use these quick links to jump right to the topic you want.

Quick Links

Volunteers: Connect

Employees: Get Started | Employees: Set up a meeting | Employees: Host a Meeting

Use the Conference Room TV and Camera

Everyone: Troubleshooting

Things to Know

  • The more you use it, the easier it becomes
  • The more you use, the better the value to the council
  • A web-camera isn’t required, but does enhance the meeting experience
  • In group meetings, remote users can mute their session to improve the audio experience (just unmute when you need to talk!)

Employees: GET STARTED!

To get started install the app and sign in with your email address

  • Go to
    • Employees should use this link to ensure they are prompted to sign in- even if you aren't hosting a meeting!
    • Volunteers must NOT use this link to connect! They must use the special meeting link you send in the invitation to connect!
  • Chrome Browser is recommended, but the choice is yours
  • Follow the on-screen steps to download and install the app
  • Go ahead and install/run/allow items as prompted for
  • When it is time to enter your email address:
    • You must enter your FULL email address
    • You can choose to sign-in with your Google Account if offered (recommended) or Sign In with Work Email (you’ll be emailed a link)
  • You will now have the Highfive App installed on your machine
  • Just launch the Highfive App whenever you want to create or start a meeting.


Employees: Set up a Meeting!

  • Launch the Highfive App
  • Name your meeting
    • Keep it short and save it somewhere useful- you need to remember it to connect later! (Store it in One Note or your Email Address Book!)
    • Feel free to just use your name!
    • You can reuse a meeting link whenever you want: it's always live and ready.
    • Copy the special meeting link into your appointment or an email Volunteers must use this special link to connect.
    • Tell your users
      • Follow the link to install the app now or as soon as you can: This will take ~10 minutes to download and install- you don't need to wait for the meeting to start (do it early!).
      • Use your computer- or smartphone- with a microphone and (optional, but preferred) a web camera
      • When it's time for the meeting- just follow the same link and the app will launch and connect (remember- install early to avoid delays!)
      • Use the the help button in the app or this link for help:

Employees: Host Your Meeting

  • Use the link you created earlier to connect to your meeting.
  • You can use this link at anytime and as often as needed.
  • When each person joins the meeting: You will need to click ‘Allow’
  • That's it- you're meeting online!

Use the TV/Camera in the offices or Base Camp

After the meeting

Send participants the survey:

Fill out the Survey yourself:


Using the TV Devices

You can use a TV and wide-angle camera in either office or Base Camp to share your screen and/or host a meeting

You will need a PC or Smart Phone with the Highfive app present to operate the TV/Camera AND you will need to be signed in with you email address.

  • Plug the tv and highfive device in and turn them on
  • Open the Highfive App from your PC or Smart Phone
  • Select 'Video Call' or 'Share Screen'
  • Search for a TV- ‘Saint Paul’, ‘Golden Valley’, or ‘Base Camp’
    • Don't see the TV Listed? The device is either not on OR you aren't signed in with your email address
    • You can always click ‘Move to TV’ on your Highfive App if you miss a step

    Volunteers: Join a Meeting

    Just click the special meeting link provided by the host and then install the app. It will take 5-10 minutes to download and install the first time- you can do this as soon as you have the link- don't wait for the meeting start time. You won't need to create any accounts!

    You will need

    • A PC with a speaker, microphone, and optional (but preferred), a web camera OR your Smartphone!
    • No speaker and microphone? The host will also provide a link for a call in number, but... Still connect your PC for Screen Sharing!

    Prior to the Meeting

    Get the app installed early so the meeting can start on time.

    • Prior to the first meeting, use the special meeting link provided by the host. (e.g.
    • Follow the prompts to download and install the application. To be safe allow ~10 minutes to download and install.

    At Meeting Time

    • Use the special meeting link provided by the host- the app will launch and connect to the meeting
    • The host will click to allow you into the meeting

    Your app screen should look similar to the following. If you are being prompted for an email address- you have used the wrong link! Only staff need enter an email address. Make sure you are using the meeting link provided by the host to connect!

    Click to Enlarge- Your app screen should look like this- with your meeting name. If it is prompting for email, you are using an incorrect link- use the special meeting link provided in the invitation.

    Troubleshooting & Getting Help

    Use the ‘Get Help’ button in the High Five App. We have paid for support too- use it!

    Connection Issues

    • We've had some issues with a few corporate networks not allowing the connection- users can also connect via their smartphone and cellular data network
    • If you are being prompted for an email address- You need to use the meeting link provided by your host in the invitation! (Only staff with accounts need to enter an email address to host meetings. Guests use the special link and will only be prompted to enter a name.)

    Audio issues

    • Start by turning down the volume of the TV or PC to reduce echo and cut-outs
    • A headset on PC users will also improve the audio
    • Have remote users mute themselves OR the meeting host can mute anyone
    • Check the audio settings: click the GEAR icon in the lower-left corner of the application

    Video issues

    • You don't NEED a camera, but it improves the experience
    • Make sure you are using the front-camera on your PC or Smartphone: click the GEAR icon in the lower-left corner of the application and switch the camera

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Highfive Video Conferencing

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