Introducing the New Member Coordinator Position

Helping New Units

In striving to help our units grow and sustain their membership, we have identified several areas that prospective new parents to Scouting are looking for:

  • They want to feel welcomed.
  • They want one person who can provide clear communication on what Scouting has to offer, and how it could be of benefit to them.
  • They often want to try a few activities before filling out an application to join.

In response to these areas, we've launched the position of New Unit Coordinator for our Cub Scout packs in the spring of 2017.

For the role of the New Member Coordinator to be successful for pack membership, this new position had the goals of:

  • Attend a Northern Star Council membership training.
  • Setting a recruitment goal for the pack which would grow the numbers of Cub Scouts in the pack.
  • Attend the local elementary school open house to promote Scouting and recruit new members.
  • Conduct a fall School Night for Scouting and a follow up rally the following month.
  • And work to improve school relationships, conduct promotional events throughout the year, hold “Bring a Friend” activities, develop a pack social media presence to recruit new members, and develop a list of youth in the area to directly invite to join the pack.

Packs which followed this plan proved to be more successful in recruiting new Cubs, and many of these packs have also qualified for the Membership Growth Recognition in 2017.

The national office of the Boy Scouts of America has seen similar results around the country to such a degree that this position is now a position which will also be encouraged in troops and crews across the country, and is also now a position which a volunteer can officially hold in your unit.

More information and resources will be coming out in future editions of the Navigator, on our council web site, and at district roundtable meetings. You can also check out The Welcome training video on my.Scouting is sufficient for you to get started in your exciting new role.

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