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Leave a legacy by contributing to the James E. West Fellowship Award. This award nationally recognizes individuals who contribute $1,000 or more to the Northern Star Council's Endowment Fund. Donors may make a gift in their own name or in honor of someone else. This contribution is in addition to, and doesn't replace, a donor's annual gift to the Friends of Scouting campaign.

Who was James E. West?

James West was the first Chief Scout Executive of the Boy Scouts of America. His early accomplishments included:

  • First edition of The Official Boy Scout Handbook
  • Addition of the last three points of the Scout Law
  • Creation of Cub Scouts
  • Purchase of Boys' Life magazine which became the BSA's official magazine

Northern Star Council's Endowment Fund

Endowment is a crucial part of how Scouting is funded and provides a stable, permanent source of income. Endowed funds are invested over the long-term and earnings are used to support council operations.

Recognition and Honoring

West Fellows are presented with a personalized certificate, and a distinctive green and gold square knot patch that can be worn on the field uniform. They'll also receive a bronze James West lapel pin for more formal occasions. Donors who give more than one West Fellowship are presented with additional recognition items:

  • 2 Fellowships: Red pyramid to wear on square knot
  • 5 Fellowships: Silver-tone pyramid to wear on square knot
  • 10 Fellowships: Gold-tone pyramid to wear on square knot
  • 15 Fellowships: Black pyramid to wear on square knot

Fellowships can be provided in memory or in honor of someone else. You may want to honor an Eagle Scout, parent, graduate, scoutmaster, volunteer, or a loved one. Take a look at Eagle Scout David Novy who has given fellowships to his family members, as well as multiple Eagle Scouts in his troop, and shows no sign of slowing down with over 35 fellowships donated so far. He "likes the dual impact of the West Fellowship - leaving a legacy for an individual and his or her contributions to Scouting as well as supporting the Council's Endowment Fund."

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How to Get Involved?

For more information or help in creating a James West Fellowship, please contact 763-231-7201 or

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