Knots: Uniform Award Emblems

Adult Recognition

Embroidered square knots are displayed on adult uniforms to represent around-the-neck awards, pin-on medals, or certificates earned. Many knots recognize tenure or training, while others represent a specific contribution to Scouting or the community. There are also a few knots for youth members who earn religious emblems or meritorious action awards.

Knot emblems represent a lot of work and wearers should be proud.

Knots are worn above your left pocket in rows of three. We recommend the number of knots be limited to three rows of three (a total of nine knots). Knot emblems have a left and right side, and should be applied so the loop that's on top is to the wearer's right. There's no specific order for knots to be placed.

How Do I Get Recognized?

To apply for recognition, visit the National Scouting Forms page, found in related content, and download the appropriate form. Once the form is complete, forward it to your district executive so it can be reviewed by the appropriate district or council committee. If approved, the award is typically presented at a district event, such as a roundtable.

You can find a list of all available awards and descriptions in the related content section.

Questions can be directed to our Training and Advancement Director at 763-231-7262 or Field Assistant at 763-231-7265.

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