Participate in Shooting Sports Programs

Be a sharp shooter with a BB gun, .22 rifle, shotgun, bow & arrow, or pistol.

Have fun in a controlled environment learning the lifelong hobby of shooting sports.

Who Can Participate?

Cub Scout age youth can participate in BB guns and archery at a council/district program supervised by a qualified adult volunteer or camp staff member.

Boy Scouting and Venturing age youth can also use .22 caliber rifles, shotguns and sling shots supervised by a qualified adult volunteer or camp staff member.

Venturers can do all of the above, plus shoot pistols, supervised by a qualified adult volunteer or camp staff member.


Proper equipment and safety gear must be used for each activity. Adult leaders can supervise these activities after receiving special training.

Where To Go Shooting and Earn Merit Badges

BSA summer camps have available equipment and trained staff making them the best place to participate in shooting sports.

Scout unit leaders can supervise their own shooting sports activities, but must follow the requirements in the BSA National Shooting Sports Manual (30931) and be properly trained for the specific activity.

Adult Range Certifications Available

  • BB Gun
  • Archery
  • .22 Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Pistols

Training For Adults

Adult leaders interested becoming instructors or range safety officers, as described in the BSA National Shooting Sports Manual (30931), can find training opportunities on our "Find a Training Course" tool. Search the tool under "Find an Activity Specific Training Course" for any of the range courses and we'll tell you if we are hosting any trainings.

Find A Training Course

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