Summer Camp Messages

Things Learned at Summer Camp

In 2017, we had over 12,000 young people attend our summer camps. Among other things, they swam, climbed, hiked, ate, discovered and slept in tents. As a captive audience, we ensured that they heard what we believe are some of life's most important messages.

Messages like...

  1. Try something new – because you’ll find out that you just might like it.
  2. We need to work together – if not, we won’t be able to accomplish our goals.
  3. Push your limits – because you’ll almost always find that you’re capable of more than what you originally thought.
  4. Be good to one another.
  5. Accept responsibility.
  6. You are a role model – exercise positive leadership.
  7. Do your part to make this place better than when you found it.
  8. Helping others is not a choice, it is a part of your DNA.
  9. Every day do something that makes you stronger physically, mentally or emotionally.
  10. Believe in something greater than yourself.

These are the messages that kids in our programs get day in and day out from the trusted adults and peers who interact with them most often.

These are the messages that we can all get behind and the reason we do what we do – to grow better people and stronger communities.

Good things happened this summer in Scouting and across Camp Northern Star. More to come this Fall!

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Summer Camp Messages

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