Top 10 Facts About Scouting

Research highlights positive outcomes of Scouting participation

Scouts are Leaders: More than two-thirds of Scouts say there have been real life situations were Scout experience has helped them be a better leader.

Scouts are Helpful: Over two-thirds of Scouts' parents and Scouts themselves say their willingness to help others has increased since their involvement in Scouting.

Scouts are Responsible: Over two-thirds of Scouts and their parents say their willingness to take on added responsibility has increased since their involvement in Scouting.

Scouts earn Better Grades: Statistically, Scouts earn more "A's" than their non-Scouting peers.

Scouts have Higher Levels of Education: 91% of men who were Scouts completed high school, compared with 87% of men who were never Scouts, and 35% versus 19% earned college degrees!

Scouts earn Higher Incomes: Men who were Scouts, five years or more, earned average household incomes of $80,000 compared to $61,000 by men who weren't.

Scouts are Respectful: 80% of Scouts say that Scouting has taught them to treat others with respect.

Scouts Do Their Best: 78% of Scouts say that Scouting has taught them to always give their best effort.

Scouts Live by the Principles of the Scout Oath and Law: 84% of Scouts say the values they learned in Scouting continue to be very important to them today.

Scouts are Diverse: Our council's market share of Caucasian youth served is 9.9% and that is within 1.6% of the market share in our Asian, African American and Latino communities as well.

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