Your Online Training Record: my.Scouting

Access your training history

View the official record of your adult leader training courses and even print training certificates.

National BSA Online Tool for Registered Adult Leaders: my.Scouting

We encourage every registered adult leader in Scouting to set up a my.Scouting account. Just visit the my.Scouting site and follow the instructions to gain access. You'll need your BSA Membership ID. You can find this number on your wallet sized membership card, your Scouting unit's official membership roster, or by calling a council registrar at 763-231-7204.

Where do I go once I have access?

Go the the My Dashboard area, then My Profile and My Training. You'll see all your position specific and advanced training listed in this area. You can also print training certificates from here. If you have trouble accessing what you want,try using the help areas on each page.

What to do if you believe your Individual Training Record is not accurate

If you know you took a position specific or advanced training course and it's not listed in your record, contact the Council Training Support line at 763-231-7265 and we'll add the missing training course.

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