Northern Star Volunteer Honored at National Jamboree

Bill Davies Presented With the Global Peace Award

By Allison Stendler, Communications Intern

Bill Davies, a Northern Star Council volunteer who has served as the Chair of the National Catholic Committee on Scouting, was presented with the Global Peace Award by the Muslim Community and the Vietnam Recognition Pin at the 2017 National Jamboree.

“At Boy Scouts, we respect all religions, but to be recognized by other religions is very humbling and I was fortunate to receive that,” Davies said about receiving the Global Peace Award. “Scouting is about getting along regardless of your backgrounds, and these awards represented that well,” he added.

Davies also headed the Catholic Committee Booth and Activity Area at the National Jamboree, where 1,300 Rosaries were completed on site during the week-long event. Davies, along with 23 other staff members and 12 priests answered questions and shared their faith with participants. “To see youth seeking more information not only about their own faith, but about others was incredible,” Davies said.

Another highlight was that Davies presented the Saint George Emblem, the highest Catholic Scouting Award, to the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Pierre and Davies also presented the Archbishop a St. George Emblem to personally take back to the Vatican for Pope Francis.

Davies History of Involvement in Scouts

Davies was never involved in Scouting as a youth. Instead, he started volunteering for Northern Star Council in 1982 through the Rotary Club. His two sons joined Scouts and he began working as the Vice President of Community Relations for the Lake Minnetonka District.

In 1992, his efforts shifted to the Catholic Church when he joined the Archdiocese of Minneapolis-St. Paul Catholic Committee, which worked closely with Boy Scouts in the area. Davies worked as a Finance Chair and a member on the committee from 2007-2010. In 2006, he joined the National Catholic Committee, and in 2010, was the Area 1 Membership Chair until summer 2017.

Davies said he remained involved in the Scouting community so long because “Scouting did a lot for [his] sons.” His two sons, who were both Eagle Scouts, both were given advantages in school and the workplace because of the skills they learned at Scouts.

“The college admissions officers were more impressed with the fact that he was an Eagle Scout, than they were of anything else on his resume,” Davies said of his son, Matthew, who is now a pilot. “With my other son, Scouting gave him the confidence to proceed with school and the workplace,” Davies said.

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Northern Star Volunteer Honored at National Jamboree

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