NSC Cubs Attend Iceland Jamboree

An International Event

From July 17-July 24 an international jamboree was held at the Iceland Scout Center, Ulfljotsvatn. There were roughly 800 Scouts and guides from all around the world, 35 of which were Americans. Geoff Forbes was one of the guides that attended the jamboree with his two boys in the Cub Scout pack. He is currently on the International Committee of the Northern Star Council.

During the jamboree everyone attending did different Scouting activities together and it was really an opportunity to get to know international Scouts. Forbes described the trip as “extremely memorable and a great experience with his two boys.” The US contingency did a service project that consisted of planting 3,000 trees. “There is actually a joke in Iceland that if you get lost in the forest, stand up because there are hardly any trees. The goats and sheep that outnumber people in Iceland often eat the trees so we figured if we plant 3,000 trees at least some of them would survive!”

Memories of a Lifetime

Forbes really enjoys international Scouting events because they really go back to the roots of where Scouting came from. Originally, when Scouting was founded, it was an organization that trained Scouts to be spies and something to ready young boys for the military, but when the first international Jamboree was held, Robert Baden Powell saw all the international Scouts together and realized that he wanted the organization to be an example of peace between countries. This is exactly what Forbes saw at the international jamboree in Iceland. “It was really fun to see my boys shake hands with the President of Iceland when they presented him the contingency patch and to also meet all these different Scouts from around the world. This is something they will remember forever.”

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NSC Cubs Attend Iceland Jamboree

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