Over 1,600 At Winter Camp

Boy Scout Winter Recap

It was another fun filled winter for Scouts attending North Wind and Snow Base. Over 1,600 participants spent time in the outdoors during the coldest time of year binging something to brag about to their friends at school on Monday.

"You did what?" their friends asked and each Scout proudly replied, "Yes, I slept in the snow, and yes it was only 2 degrees outside."

What a great opportunity to have all the gear, training, and staff supervision to explore the winter and learn how to camp at low temperatures.

The new additions of ice fishing, escape-room games, draft-horse logging, and 30 more feet of tubing made for a well rounded program, continuing the tradition of innovation in Northern Star Council. We are always trying new things at winter camp to stay on the cutting edge of programs. Throughout the season we've been gathering participant feedback and are excited to put together more winter camp adventures for next year.

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Over 1,600 At Winter Camp

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