Phalen Beach Clean Up

Venture Crew Keeps Lake Clean

BSA Venture Crew’s sixth annual Phalen Lake Spring Cleaning occurred on a beautiful sunny 80-degree day. The water was a warm 63 degrees at 23 feet below the surface as pairs of divers covered their assigned zones in depths from 4 feet to 23 feet deep. Nine divers from BSA Scuba Venture Crew 820 teamed up for the under water cleanup and had additional help from two scouts wadding through shallow water picking up debris and broken glass left behind after the ice melt. We had an additional 2 parents that served as shore support. This year we did not get any divers from the Great Lakes Shipwreck Preservation Society (GLSPS), but three of our crew members that dove are GLSPS members.

The majority of debris was found in the shallow water and out in the 20 foot depth. The visibility was better than last year at 8 to 10 feet. The divers found a lot of broken glass in the shallow water, aluminum and tin pop cans found in the deeper water. The divers also assisted the City of St. Paul by locating the mooring anchors and chains that hold the 16 by 24 foot floating swim platform. We roped the chains that are attached to the mooring anchors to large floats on the surface, so the cities life guards can finish connecting them to the swim raft in June.

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Phalen Beach Clean Up

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