Please Help Send A Scout to Camp!

Camp Scholarships for Scouts

Scouts go to camp year-round—during the sunny weeks of summer and the cold weekends of winter. Your donation to the Youth Campership Program helps hundreds of children from low-income families, families in stress, and at-risk youth attend camp. Because of your generosity, young people have the opportunity to experience the wonders of nature, the joy of fellowship, and the sheer fun of jumping off the boat dock.

You Can Help

Your gift keeps the camping experience affordable for all young people. The value of outdoor activities can’t be overstated—youth learn faster about themselves and their abilities when they are outside of their day-to-day surroundings. Please help continue the tradition and expectation of a great camp experience for everyone. Make a gift to the Youth Campership Program today and hundreds of kids will say, “Thank You!”

Scouts Benefit

Over $92,000 was donated and used to help Scouts go to camp. These Scouts are from all over the council, including at risk Scouts, Scouts whose parents lost their job, Scouts that come from a one parent family and Scouts that need help to have a once in a lifetime experience going to camp. You can help these Scouts. To donate to the campership program, use the contact information on this page.

"I love going to camp, it’s such a great experience being able to do things yourself and work with your friends."

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Please Help Send A Scout to Camp!

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