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What is an Annual Unit Recharter?

Each year, every unit (pack, troop, team, or crew) ensures that all of their youth members and adult leaders are registered with the Boy Scouts of America, and collect membership fees. This is called the Annual Unit Rechartering Process.

This page will give you a general idea of the process and timeline. We'll post links to specific annual recharter process information on the related links area of this page. This helps us ensure you're getting only the current information.

Timeline for Annual Unit Rechartering

Units will be able to pick up their Unit Recharter Packet at their District Roundtable.
Unit Recharter training will be available from District volunteers and at University of Scouting.

Online Unit Recharters will open, allowing unit leaders to access their recharter online.
Unit Recharter Training will be offered at District Roundtable.

All unit recharters should be completed and turned in to the District Executive at a district turn in location, or with a registrar at a Council Service Center.

Tips for Success

It's best if one person from your unit takes ownership of this process. Here are some key points to verify.

  • Get an accurate roster of all youth members, checking that all names are spelled correctly.
  • Review information for youth members, and correct any information on grades and ranks that may be incorrect.
  • Get an accurate roster of all adult leaders in the unit, checking to make sure that all names are spelled correctly.
  • Collect the annual membership fees and annual Boys' Life subscription fees from each member.
  • Anyone who is NOT listed on the Unit Recharter will need an application turned in with the Unit Recharter.
  • Ensure that all applications are completely filled out with birth dates and contact information.
  • Ensure that all adult leader applications are filled out completely, including birth dates, social security numbers, and signing the form granting permission for a background check to be performed.
  • After the Unit Recharter is submitted online, it MUST be printed off so that the unit leader and head of the Charter Partner can sign it before turning in.

The Boy Scouts of America has local professionals and volunteers to assist every unit with the rechartering process. Links to additional forms and guides can be found on this page.

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