Refreshing our Brand for Scouting Today

Updated Logo to be paired with Northern Star Scouting

It has been nearly thirteen years since our Minneapolis and Saint Paul area councils combined to become Northern Star. With our upcoming move to the Leadership Center, as well as the expansion of programs for girls, our Marketing Committee has actively explored council branding options.

To reflect the changes, the committee recommended and the board approved adopting an updated compass/star logo for both Base Camp and for Northern Star as shown. Further, the words “Northern Star Scouting” will become our tradename for everyday use, although we will still be Northern Star Council Boy Scouts of America for legal purposes.

This updated tradename is consistent with what we are using for the Base Camp Campus and both buildings (Leadership Center and Teambuilding Center). “Northern Star Scouting” is more inclusive and says who we are without referring to a specific gender, as well as avoids confusion over what we mean by “council” (there are many types of councils).

Our updated logo was selected over the other two options – continuing with the original Northern Star logo or using the National BSA Logo. The original Northern Star appears a bit dated and the fresh look compass/star incorporating the Fleur-de-lis signals that we’re continuing to provide direction, working for a bright new future of local Scouting.

Which Logos and Where?

We are using the National BSA logo in some of our exterior signage to indicate that Base Camp is also our Scouting headquarters and would continue to use it as we are now, including at the bottom of our letterhead and on the back of our business cards, to demonstrate we are part of the national organization.

A further change is that we will update our URL from the current “” to the simpler “” This will be used for our website and email addresses, appearing on publications, business cards, letterhead, etc. with our tradename “Northern Star Scouting”, so not having Scouting in the URL itself would be OK. We also own, which we will redirect to, but believe it is too long a web address and email to type on an everyday basis or fit well in links for publications.

Using also supports our growing programs for members and nonmembers. We are Northern Star Scouting, Northern Star Exploring, Northern Star Juvenile Diversion, Northern Star Base Camp (a shorthand way of identifying our more formal name of Base Camp - Northern Star Scouting) and more. To illustrate, just as General Mills doesn’t use a product in its overall URL, but rather has their brands under their name, this is the approach we want to take with Northern Star.

These changes will go into effect on July 15, just prior to the opening of the Leadership Center on July 23. Full implementation will take some time as patches and materials are retired and new ones are created. The public Leadership Center Grand Opening will be on Saturday, September 15.

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 Director of Marketing/Communications

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Refreshing our Brand for Scouting Today

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