Save the Date for the 2017 Pinewood Derby

Is Your Car Fast Enough to Compete With the Best?

Please mark your calendar with the 2017 Pinwood Derby date. The 2017 Pinewood Derby will be held at Base Camp on June 3. The cost will be $10 per car. Registration for the event will open in spring.

Who can attend the Pinewood Derby?

The top finishers at the District Pinewood Derby races are encouraged to participate at the Council Pinewood Derby Race. We will have more information coming out about other ways to participate in the Pinewood Derby in future articles.

What are the rules for the Pinewood Derby?

Read the full set of rules posted on this page to make sure you car is in tip top shape for the race.

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Save the Date for the 2017 Pinewood Derby

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2017 Pinewood Derby