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A little nudge can go a long way! Base Camp is a popular and convenient field trip location. Unfortunately, educators aren't always aware of the best field trip options for their students. If your youth can't get enough of Base Camp, make sure to tell their teacher about us. You can be the class's favorite parent for suggesting an unforgettable field trip. Or, if a trip out to our facility hasn't been possible in the past, school is a great way to receive the Base Camp experience.

Field Trip Details

Base Camp offers a wide variety of field trip options for schools. Although groups typically arrive between 9:00am - 10:00am and stay for up to 5 hours, Base Camp is a 24 hour facility and will make accommodations to fit your school's schedule. If your school cannot attend a full day program you are welcome to explore shorter options found in our Youth Program Catalog. We work closely with the schools to utilize any points of emphasis in their curriculum for the year. There is a trip for everyone Kindergarten to 12th Grade. Youth spend the day getting to know each other, breaking out of their comfort zones, and trying new things. Each trip is wrapped up with a reflection period, where our experienced guides and the youth discuss what was learned during the day!

Options for Schools

Base Camp's field trip options are as follows:

Team-Building: Fits with all grades K-12. This trip includes time on the rock wall, the archery range, and working together to beat our large variety of Team-Building challenges.

Leadership: Our Emerging Leaders program is perfect for grades 7-12. This program is designed to spark a student leader's desire to take an active leadership role by practicing, experimenting, and reflecting on what it means to be a true leader. A more in depth experiential learning opportunity, Emerging Leaders is easily adaptable for almost any educational focus.

Multi-day field trips: A high quality and affordable alternative to taking your students to overnight residential camps. Spend two to five days at Base Camp and the surrounding areas with optional lock-ins available. Base Camp will provide up to 8 hours of programming per day during your successive days of activities. Programming can cover several curriculum strands as well as take advantage of some of our adjacent attractions, such as Historic Fort Snelling, Fort Snelling State Park, the Minnesota Air National Guard Museum, the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, and the Mississippi and Minnesota River Valleys.

Outdoor Skills: Includes Shelters, Fires, Orienteering Skills, and Survival Principals. Get outdoors and learn with nature!

Physical Fitness: Our Fitness trip is geared towards activity. Including First Aid, Bike Maintenance, Traffic Safety, and a Bicycle Tour.

What can you do?

Sometimes all it takes is letting someone know that you are interested. Write a note to a teacher and send it with your child to school. Call in, and express interest in your child taking a trip out to Base Camp. Let your Parent Teacher Organization know about the options they have for future field trips. We would be happy to discuss the details, Have your child's teacher call us at 612-767-0055 to get the ball rolling. Check out our website at

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