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From the renovation of an old Howard Johnson hotel in the Twin Cities to owning, operating and managing hotels from coast to coast, CSM Corp. has certainly grown from humble beginnings.

Our 2017 Community Builder recipient, Gary Holmes, has been profiled by Hotel Business Magazine, and credits Scouting to much of his success!

Even before real estate and lodging, however, Holmes pursued another passion—raising money and giving back to his community as a Boy Scout. “I’ll admit to being a lifelong and incurable entrepreneur… That’s taken me in a lot of different directions over the years. As a Boy Scout, I found ways to raise money for our pack by organizing a sales network to sell popular items door-to-door, like long-lasting light bulbs and Durasan cartridges. There was an enormous market for these items, and kids who really worked at it earned money. Through a series of ventures like these, I saved up enough to buy a couple of duplexes,” Holmes said.

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