Stearns Scout Camp hosted a great Vigil Conclave and Reunion

174 Arrowmen

Although it rained Friday night and Saturday into the afternoon, we had a great gathering. The candidates were busy meeting, greeting, and being entertained by Gene Kimball. Food Saturday night was a picnic dinner with the rain finishing and a pleasant night ahead. Sunday found the candidates excited to become Vigil members and a robust breakfast awaited them. The attendance was 174 which exceeded the last two Vigil Conclaves. We hope to surpass this number in 2018.

Although we had planned some activities with the members Saturday night, most entertained each other with games and great story telling. We hope to provide live music and a stage show at Phillippo in 2018.

Dan Patch had a Vigil Reunion on Friday night that packed Whitewater Cabin. They went out for a sumptuous dinner followed by their own cracker barrel and lots of camaraderie. All went out for a great breakfast and Northwest’s Dominic Wolters joined in to bring back lots to share for next year’s Vigil weekend where we will again provide cabins for Chapters to use Friday night for their Vigil Reunions. We’ll see you at Phillippo.

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