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Web-Slinging Tag

Web Sling

One person chases others around with cans of Silly String and tries to catch others in the “web”

If anyone is caught, they have to freeze

They only way for them to get unfrozen is if another participant comes by and gets the web off of them

The web-slinger tries to get everyone frozen!

Shield Throwing

Use a Frisbee

Fine-tune your shield throwing abilities (by knocking down cans)

Participants can make superhero logos or villain faces on paper and have the cans wrapped with them.

Leap Tall Buildings

Leap Buildings

Gather cardboard boxes of various heights and paint/decorate them to look like buildings

The participants take turns leaping over them!

Hero Training Obstacle Course

Practice superhero skills with an obstacle course. Create it from all kinds of objects from the backyard or the house.


  • Fly into and out of windows in a burning building (run and jump through hula hoops)
  • Dive into a dumpster to break the fall! (jump onto a pile of cushions or pillows)
  • Sneak into the fortress (have them limbo and army crawl through obstacles)
  • Shoot a rocket through a hoop or a target. (use a NERF gun or any one at the dollar store)
  • Destroy poisonous globs! (pop green balloons)
  • Karate chop a bad guy (you can use a cushion, punching bag, or pillow for the villain)
  • Escape the evil lab! (zig-zag through cones or other objects)
  • Bust through a wall! (stack up cardboard some boxes to make a wall)

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Test Your Action Powers | Superhero Meetings

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