Thank You from Erin...or is it Weijia?

Exploring Exchange Student

St. Paul Fire Department Exploring Post Explorers and post advisors played a big part in Weijia Kong's exchange student experience. In was certainly reciprocal as Explorers held a send-off party for Erin, as she came to be known by her fellow Explorers, as she prepared to visit Duluth before returning to her home in China.

Erin wanted to include a personalized thank-you message to her fellow Explorers and the post advisors.

To All the Members in fire exploring:

I think the most important thing I want to say is "Thank You!" From the first time I went to Fire Exploring to the last time, from knowing nothing, to becoming a sergeant in this station, I learned a lot, as well as grew up a lot. This is an impressive experience for me in America. I will never forget. I'll miss you all.
Best wishes,
From Erin

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Thank You from Erin...or is it Weijia?

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