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Super Activities

T-shirt Cape

Use an adult-sized t-shirt

Cut it out into a cape!

  1. Cut an inverted 'V' out of the front or back all the way up to the collar
  2. Cut around the collar on the opposite side
  3. Design with fabric markers or felt with glue, or use the design already on the t-shirt

Leftover parts of the shirt can be cut out to make a matching mask!

Face Painting

Face paint can be a great alternative to making a mask

The possibilities are endless - use a search engine for design ideas!

Superhero Mask

Basic Template Here

Use foam sheets, felt fabric, or construction paper to design your own superhero mask

You can use these materials to design superhero cuffs as well!

Muscle-Testing Station

  1. Take two large balls (foam or from the dollar store)
  2. Attach them to a wooden dowel or pvc pipe
  3. Spray paint it black
  4. You can use stencils to paint 100 on each to look like they are lifting 200 lbs
  5. Take pictures and send them to us!

Power Paracord Bracelet

A hero is always prepared! Make a paracord bracelet to help outfit the super hero in you!

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What Does Your Hero Look Like | Superhero Meetings

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