You Can Still Earn Crayola Experience Tickets

Tips and Prizes

Fall recruitment continues to be in swing! We've recruited over 3,000 new Cubs from August 1 through October 15!

Cub packs can still achieve their fall recruitment goal – and receive tickets to the Crayola Experience in 2018. If you do not remember your recruitment goals, your PRE can share them with you. Remember, qualifying packs will get tickets for ALL Cubs in their pack, not just the new recruits.

There is still time for all packs to invite new members to their ranks. This can be done by inviting friends to a pack outing, your next pack meeting, a holiday party, or by handing our invites to friends. Stickers and trading cards are still available, too! Do you have a holiday festival in your neighborhood? Check with your schools and places of worship. This is a great opportunity for a pack to get out in the community!

Here’s a great idea: attach a holiday treat to a HeroScout trading card – and hand it out as a small gift. Be sure to add your name and contact info to join on the HeroScout trading card. This could be a fun den activity.

Is your pack thinking of a custom flier for your recruiting event? We can help! Visit and click on Create your own Hero Card. This has been feature has been broadened to include creating your own flier. Use the drop down boxes for images and text boxes. Fill in the date, time, location and name of your activity, then, when going to print just adjust for the paper size – and print you own flier!

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You Can Still Earn Crayola Experience Tickets

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