A new performance award system coming this year

​2020 will be the last year of units earning Journey 2.0 and we will be moving into the next iteration of the program here in Northern Star called Journey to Unit Excellence. It holds many of the same aspects of Journey 2.0 but puts more of an emphasis on units in the goal setting process. Some key takeaways for units to be ready for:

  • The Review and Reflection is still a mainstay of the program
  • More involvement from the unit in the goal setting and tracking process
  • Youth involvement in the process at the Scouts BSA and Venturing level
  • A shift in timeline to follow the school year (versus the calendar year)


Full details will be updated on the website and communicated through the Commissioner/Coaches in every District starting after the Commissioner Meeting in January (which falls between when this article is written and published).

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