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Post 237 Is our Aviation Post out of Blaine.

During the Pandemic our Posts could meet as long as they followed the restrictions and guidelines put in place by Exploring and their local governments. Here is what Bob Henkes Post 237’s Advisor had to say, "When we could meet, we worked on an RC model the members are building and would have them at different stations working on different parts of the plane."

A lot of our posts started utilizing Zoom. Post 237 was able to have speakers 'visit' their Post meetings this way. "When we found other Aviation related virtual presentations, we would let them know about those and then discuss on DISCORD what everyone thought."

A fun activity for the Explorers of this Post was taking flights. "We have also had periodic Young Eagles flights that the Explorers assist at. When a pilot returns with the participant, an Explorer would go sanitize the plane. This kept them away from others and yet around aircraft and the airport." Again, they were still able to participate and follow the regulations and guidelines put in place.

Here at Northern Star Exploring we enjoy when the youth of the Post take leadership and look for other opportunities for their fellow Explorers. "The Post president is working with some smaller organizations that are willing to open up to private tours."-Bob Henkes, Post Committee Chair

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