Northern Star’s Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts


In this historic year, two more young women have joined the ranks of Eagle Scouts, with another two turning in their paperwork in November.

Lauren of Troop 5384 and Anna of Troop 5065 are the most recent Eagles. Both took part in an interview with Council President Kari Bjorhus as part of the November 16 President’s Cabinet Meeting.

It was exciting and inspiring to hear about of their Scouting experiences as well as their trail to Eagle.

Anna said: “Going to Many Point is one of my favorite memories. Seeing how everyone pitched in together, as well as taking part in the many fun activities was great.”

When asked about lessons learned Lauren responded: “Anyone can be a leader and that you can lead from the middle, which especially important in bigger group situations.”

Favorite merit badges were Snow Sports and Nuclear Science for Anna, with Whitewater being an especially memorable merit badge for Lauren.

Both young women have served on Grey Wolf staff and consider it a highlight and both believe that the people they met along the way working toward their Eagles was one of the best things about their Scouting journey.

Congratulations to Lauren, Anna as well as to Ellie, Kiersten, and Erin, whose paperwork just arrived, bringing the total to nine so far.


There’s no question that historic times are upon us and, for once, we’re not talking about the pandemic! In just a few months, we’ll be officially celebrating the first inaugural class of female Eagle Scouts Scouts like Skylar, Rebecca, Isabella, Sarah, and many more throughout Northern Star, are joining the elite ranks of Eagle Scouts, and these young women are paving the way for more girls to follow in their footsteps.

Female Scouts were first able to join Scouts BSA on February 1, 2019. Many of these girls come from Scouting families, with brothers who were active, and where they “tagged along” on camping trips, hikes, and other activities. “My older brother Eugene was in Scouts,” Isabella told the Star Tribune in an interview. “It was amazing and so cool to see all of the experiences he had.”

Rebecca has a similar story. “My dad was Cubmaster and is currently an assistant Scoutmaster,” Rebecca told Fox9 News.

Skylar joined at the same time, with a plan to make Eagle with her friends and fellow Scouts by October, 2020. She put together a schedule, worked with merit badge counselors and her Scoutmaster, and with the support of her brothers, her mom and her troop, she made it to her board of review.

For those Scouts that joined just a short 17 months ago, or even less, they had to work very hard to reach their ambitious goal. While some Scouts, like the girls mentioned above, barely lost a stride due to COVID, many others might miss out, not because they didn’t work hard, but because the world turned upside-down. Because we want all young women who joined in 2019 and have worked so hard to be a part of the inaugural class of female Eagle Scouts, several months ago a change was made. Qualifying for the inaugural class was extended to October 1, 2020-January 31, 2021. All female Eagle candidates completing their Eagle Board of Review during that time will be recognized as a single class - with the same award date - acknowledging their accomplishments together in February 2021.

No matter when, or even if, all our new female Scouts BSA members earn the rank of Eagle Scout, they know it’s not just about the badges. “What I think I’ve grown more in is leadership skills and knowing how to organize people and delegate and all that type of deal,” Sarah said to Fox9 News. Those skills and talents are the real goal.

Though Northern Star Scouting and the BSA will not be recognizing a single first female Eagle Scout, Skylar wouldn’t have it any other way. “It is insane. I get to receive this honor with all these girls who have put so much work in to accomplish this.” And we know that our troops, crews, ships and Chartering Organizations will be right there honoring this historic moment for the first Eagle Scouts. We also know these four girls are just the beginning, and many other girls in our council are finishing up their Eagle rank even as you read this article. We can’t wait to celebrate them all in February!

As we go to press, the class of Inaugural Female Eagle Scouts continues to grow, with additions such as Anna Peterson of Troop 5065, and will keep growing through February 8, 2021, Scouting’s 111th Anniversary.

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Northern Star’s Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts